State of the Firm 2022: Thoughts on Partnership

Jan 12, 2022 Timothy Admire Posted in Articles

As we leave the past year behind and look toward 2022, I want to share our gratitude for your partnership and trust through yet another tumultuous year. Socially, politically, and emotionally, many of our connections have been put to the test, and it is such an incredible privilege for us to continue to strengthen our relationship with you. We remain steadfastly committed to the success of our clients and our community, and we thank you for celebrating the highs and braving the lows as they come.

Continuing with this theme of partnership, I am very excited to announce that Willow Creek has welcomed two new partners – Senior Wealth Advisors Dave Homan and David Lawrence. A fundamental component of Willow Creek’s vision and philosophy is based on creating more opportunities for our team. We strongly believe that this makes the firm a more sustainable organization, while offering rewarding career prospects for our growing team of talented individuals. Please join us in congratulating Dave and David!

Our Willow Creek team also grew in 2021, and we have been so grateful for the additions of Lori Cronin and Griffin Sheehy. Lori has increased the capacity of our Client Servicing Team to continue to deliver a stellar experience to both our existing and new clients, while Griffin’s post as Portfolio Manager brings new energy and expertise to our Trading Team while freeing up more of my time for bigger-picture ideas and innovation for the future of the firm.

You might also be wondering what Bruce has been up to this year: he is continuing to work collaboratively with our Advisor Team, and, as our Chairman of the Board he remains active in our strategic planning, as well as promoting the firm and making new connections. Bruce is also spending more time on the things he enjoys in life, such as being outside in nature, walking his dog, swimming, riding his bike, and staying involved in our community.

I thank you, also, for your willingness to connect and communicate digitally as much as possible to mitigate any possible exposure to any of the COVID variants. We heard from many of you that you felt the absence of our annual social gatherings, and we were equally disappointed that we could not get together again this year. Please know that we are hoping to plan a wonderful client event as soon as it is safe to do so, hopefully later this year.

In the meantime, I’m taking every opportunity to spend time in the great outdoors! As so many of our clients have shared, I find myself gravitating more and more to outdoor activities (my favorites being fishing and hiking). And we learned last summer that the most popular activity among our Willow Creek staff was camping, so check in with any of us for adventure recommendations. I also remain actively engaged in my Search and Rescue work with the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, and our regular trainings give me ample opportunities to stretch my skills and remain prepared for those unfortunate 3am phone calls.

As always, our entire Willow Creek team welcomes your questions, comments, and thoughts!

All the best in 2022, Tim