David Lawrence

David Lawrence, CFP®
Senior Wealth Advisor

“There are few things more satisfying to me than helping a client clear some financial – and indeed mental – hurdle. I love to make the complex simple and to create clear choices where there once was confusion. It comes down to listening and caring and always being available.”


CONTACT: david.lawrence@willowcreekwealth.com

I am proud to add a global perspective to Willow Creek’s client experience. I have worked as a financial planner and client advisor to individuals and families in Marin County and San Francisco for the past 11 years. Before that, I lived in Hong Kong for 10 years, where I was a senior investment manager and research analyst for one of Southeast Asia’s leading family groups.

I have also been a member of Arthur Anderson’s Economic & Financial Consulting Services Group, and have taught graduate level financial planning courses at Golden Gate University.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: I live in Marin County’s Mill Valley with my wife and two children. I am a uniformed leader for the Boy Scouts of America, am on the board for the Mill Valley Little League, and have helped coach my daughter’s softball team. I am also an avid skier and mountain biker, and I love to run the Marin trails.


  • BA, Hamilton College

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