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Staying the Course

We’ve been through bear markets in the past and inevitably will again. Since 1926, the average bear market lasted 22 months, while the longest bull market lasted 10+ years. Bull markets follow bear markets and much of the recovery has come in the front end of the bull market.
You may be feeling quite disoriented, fearful and anxious as our “normal” has been shaken. We care deeply about our clients and their families, our communities and, of course, our employees. To those of you who are afraid and worried, our hearts are with you. To those on the front lines, helping our world continue to function, we extend our deepest gratitude for what you do every day.
With stock and bond markets experiencing daily swings in dramatic fashion, we wanted to reach out to share our perspective. In this very challenging environment, our recommendation is to hold steady. Try and tune out the noise, focus on your long-term goals, and let the benefits of diversification play out. We realize it may get worse before it gets better—but one thing we know for sure, it will get better. The carefully designed, thoughtful plan you created with us has not fundamentally changed. We understand that none of us can foresee the future, but your plan was designed to accommodate life’s ups and downs. 

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