State of the Firm 2023

Jan 18, 2023 Timothy Admire Posted in Articles

As we step across the threshold into a new calendar year, I see this time as an excellent opportunity to reflect upon the past 12 months here at Willow Creek and look ahead to what we can achieve going forward into 2023 and beyond. Though 2022 continued to throw challenges at each of us, we remain grateful for so much; to have avoided another treacherous fire season in the North Bay and to have received an abundance of rain thus far are top of mind currently. I am happy to report that our team and our families are healthy, and our community is strong and ever-resilient.

In 2022, we welcomed two new members to our growing team. The first was Eric Keating, CFP®, joining us as a Wealth Advisor and expanding our certified team of advisors to a total of eight. Eric brings exceptional expertise, and his addition allows us to continue toward our vision of serving more individuals in our community.

Next, we welcomed Dylan Sosa, who joined our Operations Team in the summer. If you have called the office or stopped by recently, you have likely already interacted with Dylan as he has taken lead on most of our front desk duties. Michelle Dixon, who previously filled that role, has transitioned into a broader operational position where she supports our advisor and operations teams.

Most of us continue to work hybrid schedules with a mix of time in the office and at home, while ensuring that we are always available either in person or virtually to meet our clients’ needs and preferences. Though I’m certain we’d all prefer to be rid of COVID-19 for good, one of the silver linings of this experience is that we (and the entire world in many ways) have come to embrace virtual collaboration. This new environment provides the opportunity for an improved work/life balance, which we believe will lead to healthier and more productive lives for our team.

And speaking of personal lives, we welcomed the two cutest new members of the Willow Creek Family in 2022: Penny Williams (born February 13th, daughter of Beverly Hanson), and Leandro Gonzalez (born November 3rd, son of Cesar Gonzalez). Both are surely destined to be future Willow Creek advisors!

We are also excited to have recently launched a refreshed look and feel to our Willow Creek Client Portal. If you are not already accessing your portfolio information and reports via our online experience, let your advisor know and we will be happy to set you up.

Finally, we’d like to thank all of you for your continued trust and partnership. As we look ahead into the new year, our aim is to continue building upon our mission: to help all of you—our clients and our community—to achieve your most important life goals. If you have someone in your life, a family member or friend perhaps, who might benefit from a conversation with us, we would be more than happy to offer our time to understand their financial situation and provide guidance and direction.

We hope your 2023 is filled with joy, laughter, fun, and an abundance of love. We look forward to continuing to navigate through life’s journey with you.

Most Sincerely,