How to Retire Doubts: Spend Less, Invest More

Apr 3, 2013 Bruce Dzieza Posted in Articles

The weekend Press Democrat quoted Bruce in an article about retirement, but we feel it didn’t go far enough. Personalized advice from a Certified Financial Planner is very helpful in planning for retirement, but we urge everyone to start the thought process long before earned income stops. If you have planned with care - considered your major living expenses, adjusted your risk appropriately as your circumstances have changed, then you will then be free to consider the special things you can do with the money you have saved over your working (Trips to Europe? Opening a bakery? Charitable giving?).

Willow Creek thinks the lessons should start even earlier.  We advocate teaching your children about handling money responsibility at a very early age. There’s no telling how the financial excesses of past generations and administrations will affect the future. If people now entering the workforce could understand how to save as well as how to spend it might make all the difference. America doesn’t do enough to provide its young people with the tools for financial literacy. In these times, it’s at least as important for your kids to understand financial basics as it is to be able to use a computer.

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