Specialized Services

Real Estate Consulting

We can analyze ownership and financing options involving your primary residence, a vacation home, or investment properties in conjunction with your financial plan and overall investment goals.

Business Planning

We can provide recommendations on cash flow management, financing alternatives, creation of a retirement plan and succession planning for your small business, professional corporation or sole proprietorship.

Stock Option Analysis

We can provide clarity about the rules and best timing to exercise stock options including the tax ramifications involved and subsequent reinvestment choices.

Estate Planning

We can integrate your estate plan with your financial plan to protect your loved ones after you are gone. We will work with your attorney to ensure your plans are properly established and periodically reviewed as your financial and family circumstances change.

Divorce Planning

We can assist our clients and their attorneys during a divorce to ensure joint financial concerns and their long-term ramifications are understood and addressed during this often difficult process.

Elder Care

Aging parents create difficulties for many families. We can help you make the best, most compassionate decisions regarding your parents’ real estate and investment assets when they can no longer decide for themselves.