Our Investment Philosophy

Investing creates wealth. Unlike saving (a low-risk approach designed to protect your money with little concern for growth) or speculating (a high-risk attempt to make a lot of money quickly), we see investing as a thoughtful, prudent approach to wealth accumulation. This approach to investing provides the opportunity to earn higher long-term returns in exchange for taking reasonable risks, but it also requires discipline and careful planning. 

To put our philosophy into action, we design and manage portfolios utilizing a disciplined, long-term strategy based on sound fundamentals that are proven to influence investment success. The foundation of our investment management philosophy is based on rigorous academic research and financial science, which shows that a properly diversified selection of uncorrelated asset classes, managed with a disciplined rebalancing methodology, is the best approach to provide you with the highest probability of achieving your financial goals.

In implementing your portfolio, we partner with some of the leading fund companies in the industry, such as Dimensional (DFA), Vanguard, Avantis, and State Street Global Advisors


While future returns for any individual investment or asset class cannot be controlled, we can influence the degree to which those returns are reduced by managing ongoing expenses and taxes. One of the ways we do this is by placing an emphasis on portfolio tax management and favoring investments with low expense ratios.

It Can Be Confusing. But We'll Make It Simple.

  • A portfolio customized to help you reach your goals.
  • Asset allocation designed for your risk tolerance and time horizon.
  • Disciplined management that takes the emotions out of investing.
  • Opportunistic rebalancing to systematically buy low and sell high.
  • Broad diversification across asset classes to manage risk.
  • Focus on tax management and after-tax portfolio returns.
  • Minimize fees and expenses that can erode total return.
  • Seamless integration between your portfolio and your financial plan.


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