Charitable Giving

We all have personal reasons for giving to charity, but at the core of our intention is a common desire to share our good fortune with others. You may have the capacity and desire to give, but may need help in determining the most effective way to leave a lasting legacy. We can help you customize a giving program to meet your goals.

Effective Giving Techniques

  • Personal and family foundations are a popular tool to responsibly and effectively transfer wealth from your estate to the charities you select. Foundations can be established to enable you and your family to give strategically over the years, building a lifelong commitment to philanthropy.
  • A charitable remainder trust is another alternative that lets you defer capital gains taxes on highly appreciated assets, such as stocks and real estate. Planned gifts through a charitable remainder trust can reduce your estate taxes, provide an immediate charitable income tax deduction, increase your spendable income, and protect your family’s financial future.
  • Planned giving strategies can help you transfer substantial assets over a period of years without triggering the federal gift tax. Lifetime gifts can also be one of the most effective ways of minimizing estate taxes.
  • Charitable giving not only benefits those in need, but also brings you and your family personal satisfaction. Good deeds endure long after financial benefits are realized.