Thanks to Our Clients

May 15, 2020 Willow Creek Wealth Management Posted in Articles

A few weeks ago, during the worst of the Coronavirus stock market downturn, we held an all-hands (Zoom, of course) meeting with the staff at Willow Creek.  We wanted to share experiences amongst ourselves and offer support to each other. Each of the advisors had spent the days prior to the meeting reaching out to anxious clients to discuss their portfolios and to see how they were feeling. It was a stressful time on many levels.

Reaching Out, with More Than Market Returns

As we traded stories, one thing became clear from the calls and Zoom meetings we had been having with clients. More often than not, the first thing we heard from our clients was concern for us advisors! They asked if we were OK and how we were holding up. Every advisor had a similar story to tell, and it heartened us all greatly. What came across was a genuine sense that we are all really in this together and that we are here to support each other. It wasn’t all about stock markets and returns.

Finding Connections, Even While Separated

We feel as though we’ve become even closer to our clients during these times. On calls, we shared stories of how friends and family are dealing with the situation. In Zoom meetings, we had the delight of introducing each other to our often rambunctious pets and children and shared our gardens, living rooms, and kitchens. These very human interactions gave us a connection and a sense of who we all are; much more so than we ever could have gotten during a meeting in our offices. It is funny how these things can draw us together. As advisors, we would love to be able to report on steady gains all the time - that we could somehow predict good markets and bad. But we have a strong sense that our clients understand this is not the case – with the gains comes volatility. Sometimes the volatility sends things higher and other times lower. But it is our belief that this risk ultimately does reward the patient and the disciplined investor. Thank you for staying the course with us, as we know it is often challenging to do. Call us if you want to chat. These are anxious times, and it is our promise we will be here for you. And, more than anything, we look forward to the time we can meet again in person and to go over your long-term plans and aspirations for the future. We will be there to support you; just how you have supported us. Thank you – we are ever so grateful.