Sad News: We Say Goodbye to Gordon Murray

Jan 25, 2011 Bruce Dzieza Posted in Articles

Investment Guide Author Dies

Last quarter we wrote a book review of a great recently-published paperback called "The Investment Answer." It is a popular guide for investors that lays out the important premises of smart investing in a simple, engaging way. The book was written by advisor Dan Goldie and DFA consultant and former Wall Street executive Gordon Murray. If you have a really good memory you may recall that Gordon spoke at a Willow Creek event several years ago. Sadly, Gordon died of aggressive brain cancer in January. What an amazing man. When he knew he only had months to live he decided to spend the time writing a book to help ordinary people do a better job investing their precious earnings and savings. "To have a purpose and a mission for me has been really special," he said. "It probably has added days to my life." The self-published book has been so successful it has been picked up by a publishing company. The first hardcover copies came out just a few days after Gordon died. Here is a link to a wonderful ABC Nightline interview with Gordon, and one from NPR's All Things Considered.