Rawson Gulick

Rawson Gulick, CFP® CAIA
Wealth Advisor

“What is your ideal life? What sustains your prosperity and joy? There’s nothing that brings me greater joy than helping others connect their wealth with their personal answers to each. ”


CONTACT: rawson@willowcreekwealth.com

If there were a word to embody Rawson Gulick, it would be: thoughtful. In 2019, she decided she’d take her nearly 20-year career in institutional financial services in a fresh direction by joining us here at Willow Creek. In her role as associate advisor, she applies her insights from working with giant institutions toward helping our clients better shape their individual financial well-being, their lives, and their world.

Rawson’s approach to client care is grounded in her belief that financial freedom often inspires greater generosity, which is where true fulfillment is found. On the wealth management front, she loves deconstructing financial complexities into elegant solutions, and empowering people to make more joyful decisions with their money and their life.

Rawson has been an advocate for women in investing for her entire career. She and fellow Advisor Teresa Mitchell host our Women’s Circles, which are  gatherings where women come together to explore and share wisdom on topics relating to personal finance. She is also part of the Sustainable Investing Committee at Willow Creek helping clients to align their portfolios with their values.

Prior to joining Willow Creek, Rawson held a range of institutional-level positions across management, trading, client service and marketing, making her a valued member of our team. Rawson has a bachelor’s degree in history from Georgia Southern University. She holds the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation and is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Rawson’s home is found in Marin County’s village of Sausalito. But on the weekends, you’ll usually find her heart and soul tending to the Healdsburg farm she and her husband Charlie are carefully cultivating. Rawson also is an avid reader and a life-long learner. Among her personal goals is to produce all of the food for her family for an entire year. (Yumm. We’re hoping she’ll bring in any leftovers!)

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