Rawson Gulick CFP® CAIA Wealth Advisor

“What is your ideal life? What sustains your prosperity and joy? There’s nothing that brings me greater joy than helping others connect their wealth with their personal answers to each. ”


CONTACT: [email protected]

After nearly 20 years in institutional financial services, I decided it was time to take my career in a fresh direction. I started my career in financial services and have held a range of institutional-level positions across management, trading, client service, and marketing. In 2019 I joined Willow Creek as wealth advisor to bring my insights from working with giant institutions toward helping individuals and families to better shape their financial well-being, their lives, and their world.

My approach to client care is grounded in my belief that financial freedom often inspires greater generosity, which is where true fulfillment is found. On the wealth management front, I love deconstructing financial complexities into elegant solutions, and empowering people to make more joyful decisions with their money and their life.

I have been an advocate for women in investing for my entire career. I host our Women’s Circles, which are gatherings where women come together to explore and share wisdom on topics relating to money and values. These rich conversations are designed to build community, connection, and understanding.

As a member of Willow Creek's Sustainable Investing Committee, I help clients to align their portfolios with their values. Being a part of the community and supporting the shared values of human well-being and environmental sustainability are part of what is fulfilling to me in my career. I am passionate about connecting with community members and sharing my expertise in sustainable investing, including my work on the Ceres Community Project Finance Committee.


  • I live on border between the Russian River Valley and Dry Creek Valley in Healdsburg.
  • Gardening and hobby farming have become a passion for me and my husband Charlie. We love spending the weekends digging in the soil, tending to the garden and orchard and exploring what our next favorite vegetable to grow will be. (last year it was eggplant)
  • I love taking long walks and short bike rides through the wine country.
  • Learning new ideas and concepts excite me and keep me curious for what is possible.
  • My moonshot goal is to produce all of the food for my family for an entire year. We may have to cut a few things out of our diet but we'll get there someday.
  • Our dogs Petey and Bear are an endless source of entertainment and joy.


  • BA, Georgia Southern University
  • Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA)



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