Introductory Conversation

You will speak with one of our Wealth Advisors and discuss your financial situation, needs, and expectations.  We will describe our qualifications and services, as well as the logistics and what to bring to your initial meeting.  We encourage you to clarify your objectives before you meet with us. To learn more about this initial conversation, visit our Contact page.

Initial Meeting

The first meeting is one of mutual discovery. Our approach to wealth management is founded on the fundamental belief that successful investing and financial decision making must be done in the context of your goals and complete financial picture.  We work together with you to gain understanding of your financial concerns and objectives.

Goals and Objectives

If you decide to work with us, we ask you to carefully complete a confidential financial profile questionnaire and provide us with financial documents such as prior tax returns, payroll stubs, brokerage statements, loan documents, etc.  We use this information to create the first draft of a personal financial strategy tailored to your specific needs. The draft meeting is a time for candor as much as it is for reflection. If we feel your objectives are unrealistic, we will say so and help you to build goals that are achievable.


Your financial life is constantly changing.  Successful wealth management involves the integration of Nobel Prize-winning investment strategies, disciplined implementation, and ongoing financial planning that evolves as you do.  We provide solutions firmly rooted in proven research from some of the most agile investment and planning minds in the profession.

Asset Management – Managing assets involves an ongoing relationship. We use a disciplined, evidence-based investment strategy tailored to each client’s unique goals and needs as determined by the financial planning process. One of the many advantages of combining investment management with the financial planning process is that it can reduce risk while earning market returns. The financial plan clarifies the annual investment return (ROR) assumptions needed to meet your personal objectives, which gives you peace of mind that there is no need to assume more portfolio risk than is necessary to achieve your personal goals.

Education – In our experience, a basic understanding of the investment process will make you feel calmer and more confident in your investing life. We take the time to explain our investment philosophy and strategies that were designed for you. Ongoing investing and financial planning education is delivered in meetings, electronic communication, through our blog and social media, and through occasional events.

We’re committed to creating a path from where you are to where you want to go.