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Major inflection in points in life often have financial implications that are complex and require the GUIDANCE OF A TRUSTED ADVISOR.

Taking the first step doesn’t have to be complicated, scary, or overwhelming. You don’t need to understand the financial situation of your friend; I am happy to engage with anyone that you feel would benefit from a conversation with us. This is not a sales call, there is no pressure, and there are no decisions to be made. Our goal is for them to leave our first call with some answers and direction. Below are the simple steps to connecting with me.


What does the referral process look like?

It’s simple! I would be happy to speak with anyone in your life that is facing a question that begins with a dollar sign. You do not need to know anything about their individual financial situation or whether or not they would be a good fit for Willow Creek. Connect them with me and I will take it from there! My goal is to ensure they leave our call with some direction.

What are some of the life events that often signal the need for an advisor?

There are many situations that could prompt a call with a Wealth Advisor. Some of the more common scenarios I see are:

  • Lack of time and/or expertise for an increasingly complex financial picture
  • Looking to do something with large deposit accounts
  • Looking for a professional opinion on their readiness for retirement
  • Worried they may be over concentrated in a stock or real estate and may need to broaden their diversification
  • Business owners approaching sale and looking for help planning around the business sale and their retirement
  • Navigating a life transition due to chronic illness
  • Navigating responsibility for care of aging parents
  • How to manage resources after a sudden money or windfall event, such as an inheritance
  • Recent divorce and looking for help building structure around a new financial path
  • Or simply wanting to take their financial lives to the next level with the help of a trusted expert

While this is a selection of situations that we commonly see, I am more than happy to discuss any financial situation.


You can learn more about me on my Team Page.


There is no preparation necessary: we don’t need everything organized to get the conversation started. I am happy to provide direction to anyone in your life, free of obligations.

Simply make an email introduction to me ([email protected]) and I will take it from there. Or, you can send them a link to this page and they can schedule a meeting directly using the link below.