Video: How to be a Successful Investor with Bruce Dzieza

Jul 7, 2022 Bruce Dzieza Posted in Video

I’ve been in the financial advisory world for almost 40 years. I’ve learned a lot about how markets work, but more important, I’ve observed how successful investors react to market volatility. I’ve experienced many bear markets, where stocks have dropped over 20%. Bottom line - the most successful investors call us to discuss increasing their stock allocations during these declines. Those clients who panic and want to reduce their stock allocation or even bail out entirely have done poorly, and many have aggravated themselves to near emotional breakdowns. So, what do you do when you see your portfolio drop? You’ve heard us say “stay the course” over and over. I realize this is really hard to do.  But having the discipline to stick to the fundamentals is what separates successful investors from market-timing gamblers. So, let's look at the traits of a successful investor: