Teresa Mitchell

Teresa Mitchell, CFP®
Senior Wealth Advisor

“I enjoy helping clients make the connection between their personal values and their personal finances. It’s so exciting to help someone begin to utilize money & investing as a tool for reaching important life goals. Women in particular become much more valuable to their families and communities when they understand the power that being financially savvy brings.”


CONTACT: teresa@willowcreekwealth.com

Whether coaching women on becoming financially independent, or helping align important goals with money, Teresa believes that financial literacy is essential to making sound decisions about personal finances. She especially enjoys introducing prospective clients to our services, and also serves as one of our regulatory compliance officers. Teresa founded Willow Creek's Women's Circle events, which are gatherings where women come together to explore and share wisdom on topics relating to personal finance. She and advisor Rawson Gulick host our events throughout the year.

Teresa attended the “artist in residence” program at UC Davis and received a BFA in Theater Arts from Texas Christian University (TCU). She worked as a small business financial manager before attending the California Culinary Academy and opening her own restaurant in San Francisco's South-of-Market area. Teresa’s entrepreneurial experience continued into the internet venue where she helped launch gourmet food & cookware purveyor Tavolo.com. She is a member of the Financial Planning Association and the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: In addition to a continued love of gourmet cooking and baking, Teresa enjoys her vegetable garden, jogging with her retriever/chow, Honey and learning something new every day.

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