Your Own Worst Enemy?

“The investor’s chief problem – and even his worst enemy – is likely to be himself.”  — Benjamin Graham (1894–1976)  Legendary economist and investor Benjamin Graham made his timeless observation decades ago, and yet still today it reflects our enduring belief: Your own behavioral biases are often the greatest threat to your financial well-being. As investors, we leap before we look. […]

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Getting to ‘Emotional Neutrality’ on Investing

One of the first topics a good financial advisor always discusses with new clients is their financial and emotional tolerance for risk. Just as we need to know their financial capacity to take risks with their money, it is as important that we understand our clients’ emotional comfort level with investing. Do they recognize what role emotions play in their financial life? Are their decisions swayed by fear, greed, confidence, or regret?   […]

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ABCs of Behavioral Biases

An alphabetic tour of common behavioral biases that distract otherwise rational investors from making best choices about their wealth. Anchoring Bias What is it? Anchoring bias occurs when you fix on or “anchor” your decisions to a reference point, whether or not it’s a valid one. When is it helpful? An anchor point can be […]

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10 Financial Resolutions for 2021

January is always a month filled with hopeful new beginnings, and following the challenges of 2020, so many of us are searching for ways to start fresh this New Year. When it comes to your financial health, one of the best resolutions you can make is this: don’t make the same mistakes twice. Despite this age-old maxim, Wealth Advisors see many of the […]

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Charitable Giving During a Pandemic

In the span of weeks, the COVID-19 pandemic and an earlier than expected start to California’s fire season have impacted every aspect of our communities, including the nonprofit sector. Whether it is health-related, a safety net organization serving the vulnerable, or focused on the arts and education, many nonprofits are struggling. For the seasoned philanthropist […]

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Investing to Create the World You Want to See

Are you looking for a stronger, more purpose-driven connection with your investments? In today’s climate, everyone is looking to contribute to the solutions needed to make our society work better for more people and the planet. In the past, we relied on public policy or philanthropy to enact these solutions. These are still useful tools, but […]

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Let’s Keep the Music Going!

Supporting music and music education in Sonoma County have long been priorities for all of us at Willow Creek, and now more than ever, music and art are crucial to our emotional well-being. We are so proud to support Santa Rosa Symphony’s It’s Elementary program, which provides music education for thousands of Sonoma County students […]

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Biases During Market Volatility

Research scientists sometimes refer to the brain’s thought process as having two “systems,” as famously theorized in Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman’s book “Thinking, Fast and Slow.” Both modes of thinking are essential and important in their own right, but they operate quite differently. System 1 is fast, instinctual, and emotional, helping us to make everyday […]

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Thoughts from our CEO, Bruce Dzieza

In this current age of unprecedented international chaos and uncertainty, I’ve observed that many of my clients, friends, and family members—and myself—are concerned about the varied, wide-ranging ways that COVID-19 will affect their lives. From cancelled events to school closures to remote working protocols, it seems like, suddenly, nothing around us is familiar or predictable. […]

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