Debt Ceiling Interview

Bruce Dzieza on ABC News

Last night Bruce Dzieza was interviewed on Bay Area ABC News regarding investor reaction to the current controversy over the U.S. debt ceiling.  The actual conversation with reporter Mark Matthews was edited down significantly, and doesn’t showcase our clients who believe, as do we, that Congress will find a way to extend the debt ceiling.  It’s not only in the best interests of the global economy, but also in the best interests of both political parties, which are pushing the limits of American taxpayer patience.  This is not the first time we’ve seen the debt ceiling raised, in fact, it’s happened more than 70 times since the mid-1960s, and 10 times in the last decade.

So keep your hats on, we may very well be in for a wild ride in the financial markets this summer, but the reality remains that companies continue to hold trillions of dollars in reserve and are making profits, interest rates and inflation remain historically low, and as in the past we continue to believe that your well balanced portfolio can handle the potential market gyrations.

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Willow Creek Financial Advisor Team